In poker, the term fish basically refers to poor players, and can describe those players who consistently lose money and have a poor overall grasp of the game, as well as those players who may simply be new to the game and are still learning the ropes.

In truth, we've all been a poker fish at some stage of our poker career, so it's nothing to be ashamed of, particularly when you first start playing the game. Very few players pick up the game and start consistently winning money straight away, but the key is to come through the initial learning stage, learn from your mistakes, and develop your game over time as you gain more experience.

If, however, you have been playing for several years and still find yourself regularly losing money, then the harsh reality is that you're probably a fish yourself, and the type of player who the poker pros love to come up against because you're an easy target. The truth is you should probably consider either giving up the game, or reading various poker books, furthering your education, and trying to bring your game up to scratch.

Assuming you're a decent player, how do you identify which of your opponents are fish, and therefore there for the taking?

Well firstly look at how often your opponents are playing their hands. If you find a player who loves to be involved in nearly every pot, and plays more hands than he should, then you should be able to win money off of them just by sitting tight and waiting for premium hands.

Another sign of a poker fish is if they have a tendency to show their hands to the rest of the table when not required to, and regularly make comments using the chat facility. The stronger players will generally just sit quietly and completely focus on the game, and not distract themselves or give players unnecessary information about their hands.

Also look out for players who get frustrated and use the chat facility to vent their anger or criticise other players. These players are more likely to go on tilt and again will be easy pickings if you sit tight and wait for good hands.

What else should you be looking out for?

Well if a player is seemingly taking forever to decide what to do when it's their turn to act, then this is a tell-tale sign of a newbie, and therefore you should be able to use your greater experience to win money from them by playing a solid game.

Also, look at every single hand, even those you're not a part of, and watch for weak moves and hopeful calls by your opponents, and make a note of this for future reference.

And finally, as the old saying goes, if you still can't decide who the fish are at your table, then it's probably you.

When you think “roulette”, you imagine a long table covered in green felt with a roulette wheel on one side and a betting layout on the other side or maybe a long table with the roulette wheel in the middle and two betting layouts on either side. However, there are actually several different kinds of roulette machines that look nothing like that long green table. If there are tips and techniques for the classic format of roulette, are there “how to win on roulette machine” tips and techniques too? You better believe it!
These roulette machines are also known as virtual roulettes or by their name in the gaming industry, fixed odds betting terminals or FOBTs. They allow you to insert bills, depending on how much it charges per game, in order for the roulette wheel to spin. You can do this as many times as you want for as long as you have the money to do it.
An FOBT has a random number generator (RNG) that seemingly generates winning numbers without any rhyme or reason or without any pattern whatsoever. However, there is such a thing as the “Force the Zero” system that may be able to vastly increase your chances at beating the FOBT’s RNG. So, what is this “Force the Zero” system and what is it all about?
It is important for you to remember that an RNG is required to maintain some sort of balance among the numbers that are generated or drawn. This means that each number is assumed to have been drawn an equal number of times. Now, what about that thing called “Force the Zero”? Well, try placing bets on Red and Black. This ensures that you will not lose money unless the zero (0) pops up. Conversely, betting on just Red and Black makes the RNG keep tabs on your color bets winning. This leaves it no choice but to balance things out and have more Green zeroes appear more often. Place the bet on the zero and have an increased chance of winning big!
Give the “Force the Zero” system a shot the next time you ask yourself how to win on roulette machine terminals that seem unbeatable. Remember that nothing in the world is perfect, and no roulette machine is unbeatable regardless of how soundly they were made. Otherwise, nobody will be playing in casinos and roulettes will fade out of existence.