A blackjack basic strategy cuts the casino edge and most players know this, but what most players do not grasp is that not all casino blackjack games are the same.

Where you play the game, can increase or decrease the effectiveness of your basic strategy dramatically.

Here we will look at blackjack basic strategy and its advantages and how it is affected by favourable and unfavourable rules.

How a Blackjack Basic Strategy Increases Your Odds of Success

What does the basic strategy get you in terms of cutting the casino edge in blackjack?

The casino's initial edge in the game is about 5.75%, but by using a blackjack basic strategy, it is possible to reduce the casino edge to around 0.5%. Here is an illustration of how:

Initial casino Advantage 5.75%

Hitting and standing -3.25%

Doubling -1.5%

Pair splitting -0.5%

Casino Advantage with Strategy 0.5%

Increasing Your Advantage Further - Look for Favourable Rules

You can increase your advantage using blackjack basic strategy further by picking a casino with favourable rules, and avoiding those with unfavourable rules.

Here is an overview of the advantages gained in relation to specific rule variations and how player's odds are decreased, or increased.

Favourable Rules to Player

Early surrender +0.62%

Late surrender Single deck +0.02%

Double down after splitting +0.13%

Drawing to split aces +0.14%

Re splitting of aces +0.03%

Double down cards any number +0.20%

2:1 payoff blackjack +2.32%

Unfavourable Rules to Player

no doubling on hard 11 -0.89%

no doubling on hard 10 -0.56%

no doubling on hard 9 -0.14%

no doubling soft hands -0.14%

dealer hits soft 17 -0.20%

dealer takes no hole card -0.13%

2 decks (v single) -0.35%

4 decks (v single -0.51%

6 decks (v single) -0.60%

pairs no re splitting -0.05%

Correct Implementation + Favourable Rules = Optimum Advantage with Blackjack Basic Strategy

Mathematical simulations of millions of hands have shown the effectiveness of the blackjack basic strategy and it is the basis of all card-counting systems.

Many players don't however, play it to its maximum potential, as they don't play with favourable rules. If you don't, you are missing great longer-term profit potential. Don't make the same mistake, play smart and be lucky!

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